The Real Food Baby

an online baby-led weaning course for parents who want to raise healthy, happy eaters for life.

Picky eating is not inevitable.

When babies start on solids, many parents feel stuck feeding the same foods on repeat. But many parents want their little ones to fall in love with all sorts of interesting flavors and textures—for three big reasons:

  • They want to know their child’s nutrition needs are covered through a varied diet.
  • They’d like to avoid becoming a picky-eater-accommodating short-order cook.
  • They want their child to be able to enjoy home cooking, restaurants, and travel—no kids menu required.

This course gives you a step-by-step plan to raise an adventurous eater.

By introducing a wide variety of healthy foods from the start, you’re much less likely to have power struggles and mealtime meltdowns later on. You deserve to enjoy mealtimes with your family. The Real Food Baby can help.

Picky eating is not inevitable.

When babies start on solids, it is easy to get stuck serving the same foods, textures and flavors on repeat. But there are three big benefits parents (and babies!) gain through the introduction of a wide variety of foods:

  • They know their child’s nutrition needs are covered through a varied diet – both as a baby AND later in life due to enjoying healthy food.
  • They avoid becoming a picky-eater-accommodating short-order cook.
  • They raise a child who enjoys the same meals cooked for the rest of the family – no kid food required.

The Real Food Baby gives you a step-by-step plan to raise an adventurous eater and avoid picky eating down the road.

By introducing a wide variety of healthy foods from the start, you’re much less likely to have power struggles and mealtime meltdowns later on.

You will feed your child 18,000+ meals from 6 months through age 18. The Real Food Baby will help you get it right from the start.

With The Real Food Baby, your baby will learn to enjoy a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods.


Meet your baby’s unique nutrition needs with confidence.


Learn cooking tips and shortcuts that will help you adapt your cooking to accomodate feeding a baby.


Avoid the stress of raising a picky eater.


Help your baby try hundreds of tastes and textures before their first birthday.


Save time, energy, and money with a unique meal-planning system and recipes showing how to modify for babies 6-9 months and 9-12 months.


Preserve your baby’s innate intuitive eating abilities and lay the groundwork for a healthy relationship with food.


End mealtime stress and enjoy eating with your whole family.

This course was made for busy parents, by a busy mom so you can stop Googling, and enjoy feeding your baby.

The Real Food Baby includes bite-size video lessons and printable downloads covering:


  • Learn the Adventurous Feeding Framework and how to take advantage of the developmental window of openness for palate development.
  • Know what you need to get started including gear, choosing a high chair, scheduling milk/solid feeds and how to handle mess.


  • Know how to tell the difference between gagging and choking and how to minimize the risk.
  • Learn about allergenic foods and a safe, step-by-step plan that reduces the risk of food allergies.


  • Learn about your baby’s unique macro and micro-nutrient needs and how to meet those needs with food (hint: it’s more than iron).
  • Know how to serve balanced meals to your baby through nutrient-dense foods to support their growth and development.

Meal Plan and Prep

  • Save time and hassle with a meal plan featuring foods from around the world in an easy swap-in-swap-out system for infinite possibilities.
  • Introduce your baby to more than 150 foods through meals you cook for your family utilizing time saving tips and strategies.


  • Learn how to cook and season allergenic foods, meat, seafood, eggs, fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains for your family meals in a way that is safe and easy for a baby to enjoy.
  • Learn kitchen shortcuts and baby-led weaning tips to make cooking easier and more enjoyable than you thought it could be.

Psychology of Eating

  • Establish a healthy relationship with food from the very beginning.
  • Learn how to address common pitfalls such as food refusal, or eating more or less than you expect and changes as a baby enters their toddler years.

BONUS - Private Facebook Group

  • The course includes access to a private, non-judgy Facebook group through your baby turning 18 months. 
  • In addition to support from other parents in the same season of life you are in, Christiana answers all questions in the group so you feel 100% supported on your journey.

BONUS - Trouble Shooting Guide

  • The video lessons include info that applies to all babies, but in this guide we dive into what to do when you hit a bump in the road.
  • Baby not interested in food? Wants to be fed by you? Throwing driving you nuts? It’s all covered here.

BONUS - 150+ Foods List

  • A comprehensive list of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, shellfish, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.
  • Use it for inspiration to serve a wide variety of foods to your baby.

BONUS - Family Table E-cookbook

  •  This e-cookbook features simple recipes for complete meals that utilize many different foods and flavors.
  • It includes recipe specific serving suggestions with photos for adults/older children, along with modifications and serving suggestions for babies 6-9 months and 9-12 months.

BONUS - Global Bites Meal Plan

  • This meal plan features 8 cultural families of food (think Mexican, Italian etc) and options for protein, starch, vegetables, spices and optional sauces in a mix and match system for endless possibilities.
  • All 150 foods are included so you have ideas of how to build meals around them that the WHOLE family will enjoy.

I thrive with information and this is hands down so worth the money. We took other baby courses (breastfeeding, birthing, sleep) and I felt like I wasted my money on those. This was very different. I am SHOCKED at the confidence I have when feeding my daughter now. Of course it’s scary when she gags but this course taught me how to remain calm and coach our daughter through it. A friend was over and was shocked at how well our 7 month old eats. She wanted to know how we were so prepared and clam. I told her 1000% this course. 


The course gave me a lot of information, and more than information – it gave me the confidence to actually DO it. There’s only so much you can gain by reading. It’s helpful to hear the examples and see how it actually looks, so I appreciated all the tips in the course. Like the difference between gagging and choking? That wasn’t something I could get in a book. It was the practicality and applicability of the knowledge that made the difference. Ultimately, I feel more empowered to make good choices and know what food to serve and how to serve it in a way that is safe and conducive to baby-led weaning.


Of all the baby classes I have take in terms of price to quality, this was very high quality for the price point. It’s a ton of value and helped set us up so much more intentionally with food. I read recently we feed our children 18k times, and I thought lets start off in a way that is going to help build a solid foundation. I haven’t seen any other courses oriented towards this. Pediatricians just tell you “balanced meals” and this course goes above and beyond. I felt so much more prepared after the course.”


I have watched YouTube videos on BLW, but even the longer more well organized ones from doctors don’t scratch the surface compared to this course. I learned a lot and am going into BLW confidently!


I bought the course when my little boy was 5 months old to prepare myself for when he was starting solids at 6 months. It really gave me the confidence to give finger foods instead of purees, and although it was still a little nerve-wracking at first he is now eating like a champ and will literally try anything at 8 months old. It’s easy too as we just give him whatever we are eating for the most part! I am so proud and my mum friends can’t believe the things he eats. Thank you, your knowledge and information has really set us in a good stead, and hopefully he will become a little foodie like his mum and dad 🙂


Our baby girl was struggling with distracted nursing and bottle refusal, barely hugging her weight curve and stressing her mama out! I took this course determined to set us up for success and now at 14 months she is eating *everything* and gaining well. We have tried new foods as a family (liver! sardines!) and appreciate your sage advice and the Facebook community so so much. 


My promises to your family:


Everything you’ll learn in The Real Food Baby is evidence-based and backed by the most up-to-date research.


Although I’m a professional chef, you don’t have to be. The course is practical and accessible for everyone.


The Real Food Baby gives you actionable plans, not just theory and ideas.


If you don’t find the course content useful within 7 days, I’ll refund your payment.

My promises to your family:


Everything you’ll learn from Real Food Littles is evidence-based and backed by the most up-to-date research.


The course includes access to a private Facebook group so you can ask questions and feel supported in your journey.


Although I’m a professional chef, you don’t have to be. The course is practical and accessible for everyone.


I’m so confident that you’ll love this course that I offer a 7 day money-back guarantee (see terms and conditions for details).

Sound good? Here’s how to get started!

Buy the course.

Experience hands-on learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

Follow the practical plan.

Safely and effectively introduce a wide variety of solid foods to your little one through meals the whole family will enjoy.

Raise an adventurous eater.

Enjoy happy mealtimes with your baby and into the toddler years and beyond!

Common Questions

How old should my baby be when I start the course?

This course is designed for babies 6-18 months, but it yours is younger – even better! You’ll be totally prepared to start.  If your baby is older and has started solids with purées or a combo approach and is ready to switch to finger food, this course is also appropriate for that transition.

My baby is ___ months. Are they too old for me to benefit from this course? I think I missed the boat.

You didn’t miss the boat 🙂 There’s a misconception that baby-led weaning and starting solids is over after the first few months. This course shows you how to progress to the point of having a mature, proficient eater at 18 months. It will be of great benefit to those who can start it at 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 14 months etc and the strategies, recipes etc are designed to benefit you long term – well after you baby is a toddler.

Does this course cover only baby-led weaning or purées/combo feeding too?

The focus of this course is the introduction to finger food, which for parents doing baby-led weaning happens around 6 months, and for those starting with purées is 7-8 months (combo feeding is a mix of the two). This course shows you options for easing into finger food for those anious about diving right into BLW and is also greatly helpful for babies who started on purées and are now being introduced to finger food. Finger food is a transition all babies need to make and the course meets you and your baby where you are at to do so sucessfully. No judgy nonsense here like you find in free facebook groups 😉

Do I get access to Christiana?

You bet! There is a private, non-judgy Facebook group that you get invited to right after you purchase and you can ask as many questions as you like. In addition to support from others, I personally answer the questions in there as well. You’ll never feel alone and confused on your journey 🙂

How long do I get access to the course?

You’ll have lifetime access to the course and any future updates for as long as it is in existance, so you can refer back as often as you’d like. 

What if I don't like to cook?

Baby-led weaning does require some cooking. But, I promise you can do it! Even if cooking isn’t exactly your jam, The Real Food Baby makes it fun to prepare nutritious food for your family and baby and equips you with time saving strategies and systems to minimize your time in the kitchen. This course was designed with the time demands of baby parents in mind, since I’ve been in your shoes and know you have limited time and energy.

Will The Real Food Baby work for special diets?

The course includes meat and plant-based protein options, along with advice and substitutions for families with food allergies. I will be upfront though that this course does include information about animal products for babies so may not be the best choice for parents who wish to raise a vegan or nearly vegan baby. If you wish to raise your baby vegan, please consult with a registered dietitian.

I have a question - how do I contact you?

 E-mail me at I’d be happy help!

What if it doesn't work for my family?

I am so confident that you’ll love this course that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. E-mail me at within 7 days of purchase, and let me know 1) what in the course did not meet your expectations based on what was advertised 2) what you expected that you did not feel like you received (see the Terms and Conditions for details), and I’ll refund your payment. As a working mom, I  just ask that you not be the person who checks out all the lessons, downloads the material, and asks for a refund. It’s just bad karma, you know?

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5 Starter Foods for Babies

Don't stress about finding the perfect first food!

Here are a few that are great for the early days of BLW since they are nutrient dense and soft in texture. These are perfect if you're starting your first week of baby-led weaning, or transitioning to finger food after purées.

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